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Blockchain Infura Services
Blockchain Infura Services is a blockchain node service provided by Tokenview for blockchain developers and Dapp developers. For developers, decentralized applications can process information on the blockchain network without running and maintain a node. The service is based on a load-balanced API node cluster, which can meet users' high-performance and high-concurrency processing requests. Developers can set up 3 projects for free and submit 1 million requests a day using Infura's API service.  API access support for Conflux main network and test network is now opened in advance.
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Dapp Development
  • Provide developers with stable and fast HTTPS and WEBSOCKETS access to test network nodes and main network nodes to complete the deployment, testing and launching of smart contracts. Providing the high-performance, high-concurrency requests for end users.
New users can create three projects for free and try them for 3 days,Free in Beta Testing